Trace My Paradise - about me
My motorbike and trip around UK

Trace My Paradise - about me

   Welcome all to my new blog. Here I am going to put more of my thoughts, and share with you the feelings and emotions. I will try to inspire you, to make your dreams come true.

Let me introduce a short story, of how it happened that I went to  Philippines.
  Over the last 10 years I lived in the British capital - London, where I had a great work, mass of friend, my life ... but my dream has always been to travel, I'm not talking here about Europe because I've been in many places, I always dreamed to go to Asia. Asia has always attracted me with its magnetism. Spirituality, culture, human behavior, nature ... all of this meant that I wanted to just go there. And so I lived for a time of my dreams, building them to become bigger and bigger, to have more and more details... 
One great day, along with my colleague, we talked about his dreams ... as it turned out, we both wanted to go in the direction of Asia.
Thus began the great story of departure. It started with the great packaging, selling belongings in London, and watching You-tube movies, reading blogs ... Still wondering where to go, stood before us a choice, India, and the Philippines. However, after reading blogs about India, found out that  lack of knowledge can bring us a lot of difficulties at the beginning, so the Philippines stood at the front of our considerations. The fact that nearly all speak English, helped us to make a decision. Watching movies, reading articles, blogs, chose the most beautiful island we could have imagined.

Siquijor Philippines

JJ Backpackers
JJ Backpackers and Jhing

  Siquijor - Island of magic, ghost, an island known throughout the Philippines. It was prevailed where we want to settle. We found a small hostel right on the beach, JJ Backpackers , where upon arrival we spent our first few days in the paradise. 
   I think it was the most difficult to sell my bike and piano, tied much to those two things. But everything happens at the right time. Just like the motor, the one and only phone, and piano, one phone, one merchant and a fast sale. Buying tickets, arranging of recent cases and a great trip. We set off from London on May 21, 2013, London Heathrow airport flight to New Delhi in India. There we had to wait sixteen hours for a connection to Hong Kong.

tickets, chinese money and costa
Tickets, Chinese money, passport and Costa at the airport

 What to say, that reminds me of entry into the Philippines. The first thing is to get visa at the airport, with in 30 days of entry. One requirement is a return ticket within this period. It is worth to get a visa  in a country you want go if your plan is to stay longer than 30 days. Our plan was simple, to enter the Philippines and stay long as possible. We flew to Hong Kong, there we stayed a week. To Hong Kong we had a one-way ticket from England. In Hong Kong we got a return ticket to Manila (capital of the Philippines). It's the way we got Visa for 21 days, with no problem at the airport. About Hong Kong will try to  write a separate post. It is a place worth a visit. One of the most organized cities I've ever seen. So we finally arrived to our destination the Philippines. The route was from Hong Kong to Manila, Manila to Angeles Angeles to Cebu, Cebu to Dumaguete and Siquijor. 
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   I greet all of you, and I wish you all the best :)