Siquijor best tourist spot - U story restaurant

U Story restaurant worth a visit in Siquijor

Somebody told me on one beautiful day, check out a resort called U Story in Siquijor island. After a few days I went to see if it was really worth recommending. Five kilometres from Sun Juan, driving towards Lazi, there is a beautifully located resort. A small parking space where you can safely leave your motorcycle and a long alleyway, on one side of the fence and the garden on the other. Quite long, enough to have time to think about what is on the other side. Quiet, calm, everything you need to feel relaxed. Going further, we came across a small steps, a turn and ..... A beautifully decorated bar appeared to our eyes. Everything in BUDDHA style. Wood, bamboo, countless decorations. All this only intensified the feeling of relaxation. Pillows, small wicker tables, nice staff, funny cats playing... what else can you imagine ? Well, there is a beautiful view left. And this one was found. I recommend watching the movie attached to this post. Water with lemon for free, so we ordered, a colleague brought drums, trance music started, which perfectly matched with the design of the whole place. It was the first visit to this place. The only obstacle is the distance. From Larena, where we now live, there is 23 kilometres to go. You can save a few of them by riding the old road, but the number of holes in the road speaks for itself. 23 kilometres is about an hour's drive by motorcycle. You do not feel this distance, the area is so beautiful that it seems to be just around the corner. The second visit to this place was equally charming. We met in a larger group of friends. The sounds of instruments, which are here a whole pile, resounded. Someone started singing, a larger group joined us, someone from Germany, someone from Russia, someone from the US. The whole place resounded with the music coming straight from the hearts of those playing. Singing, complete improvisation. A few hours passed, dark, late, but nobody rushed anywhere. Time passes slowly, although the watches are ticking like crazy. Full of energy we leave this magical place, making an appointment for another meeting.  Another visit, this time just the two of us. Together with Jhing we decided to go for a little black one. Nice greeting, some guests recognize us from previous visits, the owner greets us with a warm smile. Cup of coffee for me, mango shake for Jhing. Beautiful sunset, relax, I guess there is nothing more to add. You can not forget this place. Dreamlike, wonderful place to feel like somebody special, in a unique place.

Here you can see a video, I am really sorry it's just in Polish. At least you can see yourself the beauty of this place.