Zakynthos little Xigia

Zakynthos Greece the best tourist attraction the Little xigia sulfur beach spa.

As part of my guide to Zakynthos island, what  is worth seeing, I wanted to introduce you to a much more beautiful and spacious beach, from the well-known Xigia Beach - Little Xigia, a natural sulfur spa. At the very beginning of this beach we are greeted by a little boss, with a smile on his face. There is a place to eat or drink good coffee. We drank Fredo cappuccino here, it was really good and cost three euros, an average price on the island. We rather try not to eat in such places, because the prices do not attract, and the quality sometimes leaves much to wish for. Passing a few tables you can go down to the beach, which is very charming.

Zakynthos little xigia taverna

Little Xigia Beach

Little Xigia Beach has enough space even in high season, maybe because it is not as advertised as her sister Xigia Beach. It is just beautiful here. If you are looking for a sandy beach then unfortunately I have bad news for you, there is pebble. However, a natural spa is not about lying on the sand, but about swimming. A lot of people jump into the water from the stones, they also lying on them on towels.

Natural sulfur spa, Little Xigia, for what it helps.

They say that these are natural sulfur deposits, which water washes away. The water here is milky, cloudy, it is not advisable to swim under water with your eyes open. Probably one swim for several minutes will not change anything. In such time we will not feel any difference in our health. However, what can be said is that sulphur is good for our joints and skin, which it smoothes. I will tell you that silver here is blackening, it is hard to clean it later. Gold and stainless steel without changes. After a bath, you can smell the sulfur odor from your body until the next day, this is the attraction here.

tracemyparadise little xigia zakynthos

Tavern Little Xigia Zakynthos

In the tavern you can, as I mentioned, order coffee and eat something, but what I wanted to mention here, is that when you are down at the beach, you do not have to climb up to the tavern to order something. There is such a solution here, that in the basket hanging on a rope  will transport your orders to the beach. All you have to do is approach the man who takes the orders, tell him what you feel like to take, and your order will go down on the rope in the basket. 

Zakynthos little xigia beach

How you can find the Little Xigia

Little Xigia Beach is a bit difficult to find, driving from Zakynthos is such a characteristic steep downhill descent, and you can see the newly lined asphalt bouncing right. The path leading to it, is steep downhill. It is probably easiest to use a Google map.